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    Hello everyone, I’m really considering buying this tablet, but I’m kinda on the fence really. I was wondering whether anyone has tried installing linux on this tablet, preferrably an Arch based distro, like Manjaro or Antergos. Is it good, or are there any tablets that do a better job than this one? What works and what doesnt?

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    I had no significant trouble installing Fedora 28 beta on my new Cube Mix Plus.  I guess it helps to have done it a few times before.

    – my live F28beta USB stick would not boot from the micro USB 3 port.  So Windows booted and ate my stick.  I had to use one of the USB 2 ports on the keyboard.[email protected]/thread/TJ4GEUJYW7VJMI36K4YZU7O4PMKA3CAP/

    – First I installed gparted in the live environment and used it to resize the C: partition (shrunk it a lot) to make room for Fedora.  Then, before anything else, rebooted to Windows.  This is important because gparted resizing does things that Windows doesn’t like but can repair at this point.  Probably moving immovable files.  Windows can resize but it refuses to give up much room (probably because of the immovable files)

    – after Windows fixed its filesystems, I booted into the Live Fedora USB stick and proceeded with installation.

    – ctrl-leftshift-N does not work on the Cube Mix Plus keyboard.  But ctrl-rightshift-N does.

    – I get a warning logged every 10 seconds that I have not figured out yet.  No big problem since you have to look in logs to find it.[email protected]/thread/PW3LWAJL5WUBG26ONDZBR47JFIH2MXVE/

    Ordinary Linux distros don’t seem great for tablets: they like keyboards and they don’t have pinch-zoom as far as I know.  That hasn’t stopped me trying.  The Cube Mix Plus seems better by far than the ordinary Windows tablet with an Atom SoC.  Those Atom SoCs often have unique and undocumented wiring of their peripherals.

    Systems with 64-bit UEFI (eg. Cube Mix Plus) are a little more Linux-friendly than 32-bit UEFI (eg Asus Transformer T100TAF).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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