Guide: How to install Windows 10 (only) on PiPo W6S

Guide: How to install Windows 10 (only) on PiPo W6S

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    1-  You should backup everything before beginning in this as this will wipe everything off the device.

    2- If you need Android on your device this tutorial isn’t for you.


    1- Touch works but is inversed, which means that when you press the screen it presses somewhere else. (I’m currently working on a solution for this problem, if you can help please do.)

    2- The general bugs that already exist in Windows 10.

    Things needed:

    1- A PC/one flash drive OR two flash drives.

    2- USB OTG cable.

    3- USB hub.

    4- Mouse.

    5- Keyboard.



    1- Charge the tablet to at least 80%

    2- Download the latest Windows 10 iso from (

    3- Burn the ISO on a flash drive using Rufus (

    4- Download the drivers of the HP Stream 8 ( take note of the Intel drivers.

    5- DO NOT download the BIOS or Utility Tools of the HP Stream.

    6- Shut down tablet.

    7- Open tablet and during choosing between two OSes press the check above in the top right and it becomes a (-)

    8- Choose Windows and boot the device normally and shut it down again.

    9- Now connect the USB OTG cable, hub, flash drive with Windows 10 on it, mouse and keyboard to tablet.

    10. Boot tablet and press “ESC” on keyboard.

    11. Now in the BIOS you will choose “Save and Exit” and you will find the name of your flash drive there below. Choose it.

    12- Wait till Windows loads off the flash drive.

    13- After loading is done and you reach “custom install” choose it.

    14- Delete all the partitions you can find.

    15- After there is only one unallocated space press “New” then “Apply” then “Next”.

    16- Wait till the installation is over then it will automatically restart into Windows 10.

    17- Setup Windows 10 as you want and once you reach the Desktop connect the flash drive with the drivers and install the Intel drivers first then the rest of the drivers.

    18- Reboot the tablet.

    19- Congrats! Now you got Windows 10 on your device. There is a fix for rotation that will be attached to this post. Just double click it and add it to the registry and reboot and the rotation will be fixed.

    The only problem is the touch. If there is anyone that can help I’ll be grateful.



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    Here are few suggestions:

    • Instead of downloading drivers from HP Stream, use DoubleDriver to backup and restore the drivers
    • To retain original Windows license, it is better to upgrade first from current Windows 8 to Windows 10. Once upgraded, make sure you’ve logged in to your Microsoft account and make sure your Windows successfully activated. Then, reformat all and repartition all (if want to remove android) as suggested by this guide.
    • Download “wushowhide” to disable automatic Windows update for Intel HD Graphic drivers. There are newer version released by Intel and microsoft updates keeps revert back to the old version
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