Heatsink mod but aluminium missing

Heatsink mod but aluminium missing

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    Hello everyone, few months ago I bought a CUBE mix plus and recently I did the copper heatsink mod.

    The big surprise was when I open the tablet, there was no aluminium heatsink(that shield you have to unscrew to get to the cpu), instead there was just a thermal pad(big one almost like that shield).

    I removed the pad and I installed a copper shim 15x15x1mm.

    To be honest, I’ve got worse results, temp going over 85° just using spotify or browsing for 5 mins.

    I wrote here in the hope somebody can give me an advise on how to do it properly without the aluminium shield. Thank you!


    Chris G
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    Did you put thermal paste on the shim between the CPU and copper? And then on top of it all a 2mm thick thermal pad. You need to transfer heat to the rear body with that.

    Odd that Cube removed the alloy heatsink. Cost saving? Silly move anyway.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I did put paste between the cpu and the copper. After that I put just a little bit on the copper and I put the thermal pad on top of it(the one that was before instead of the alloy).

    I also have to mention that the paste wasn.t high quality, could that be the whole problem?


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    if ur doing simple tasks and don’t need excessive power …. go to setting power options and processor ….there reduce the percentage from 100 to a lower figure like 90 or 80 to meet your power demand… i realized this last year and i has since worked for me … my temps are currently as low as 30-40 degC… give it a shot … but if ur an intensive user keep trying out the thermal mods


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    Dhr. Jeep
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    So there is also paste between the copper shim and the thermal pad? Think that is also not really helping.
    There fact that they removed the heat-sink is really weird. I am still looking for a new one, if you ever find it anywhere, please also let me know 😉

    I changed my paste after I did not get any good temps in my first try. That actually worked for me.
    So I would advice to buy better paste. Then:
    – paste on CPU
    – copper shim
    – thermal pad

    As Chris said, make sure the thermal pad touches the back-cover of the tablet so all the heat gets dispersed properly.
    And let us know how it went plz 🙂

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