[HELP] Chuwi Hi8 Windows installation

[HELP] Chuwi Hi8 Windows installation

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    I just got my new Hi8Air today and i got some issue to reinstall windows hope you guys can help me 😀 :

    First I wanted to remove android like in this video (Youtube)

    I did it with Easeus Partition , the first issue shows up “EFI Shell Version 2.xx” 😐

    No Os selector or something , no android ( i guess i deleted both but not windows :'( )

    Internet Research : Need to reinstall windows with usb !

    Ok , download light version windows , windows version on the Chuwi forums

    Copy to USB (tried ntfs and fat32), turn on the tablet …

    White Screen ! The second issue :/

    More Internet Research : You can press F7 for “flash”

    Ok, F7, oh ! , Windows little circle (:’D), … , ACPI ERROR Blue Screen :'(

    And now i’m here .

    I repeat No Android, No Windows Android Switcher, Just EFI Shell and BIOS

    Ty for reading.

    PS : I tried the Chuwi forums but can’t change my profile pictures :/( Can’t post or send mp [Emily !!!] )
    PS2 : I’m French

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    You will have to educate yourself on using the EFI shell.  I’m not an expert but I read about ways to boot up Linux on a USB drive using EFI shell commands. Perhaps there is a way to do the same with Windows? dunno.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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