Help – ISP camera device missing driver

Help – ISP camera device missing driver

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    Miguel Santos
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    Hello guys,

    Would you know how to solve this mystery?

    I have install windows 10 and used the K9c6 drivers to install all devices and components, including camera, but somehow it’s not installing the ISP camera device driver. My cameras are not functioning.

    Any idea how to solve this?

    Thousand thanks!


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    I will add I do have the same problem with camera.
    Trying to install K9C6 Double D drivers uploaded by Chris yesterday I get error message “driver is not sighed”, I don’t get an install anyway prompt.
    Could be some other file or setup routine for the Camera. I have tried a few ideas I found on this forum but as yet nothing.

    Mark Svara
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    The driver signature problem could be resolved by rebooting into disabled driver signing check mode.  Connect a keyboard and mouse.  Reboot while holding the shift key down.  Keep the shift key pressed until you see the blue menu screen.  Select advanced and the option for changing start up options.  Select 7 of F7 and you should reboot in driver signature check mode.  Go ahead and re-install the camera drivers.  Let me know if this works because I have to wait until tomorrow to buy a keyboard LOL.

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    Holding shift did not work going thru straight to windows (this was a fresh install wipe the lot)
    But the long way round as you may know but others may not
    In WIndows
    Update & sercurity
    Advance startup
    Blue screen
    Trouble Shoot
    Advanced options
    Startup settings
    Restart again
    Startup Settings
    Use number keys or Function to change Numer 7

    Have disk browse for driver…it complained but I had the option to do it, and it went in…
    Windows advised to rerestart.
    Windows has stopped a non singed inf from running or words like that so the device is there but it has the !
    So did the above again….to disable driver signing..
    Driver there and camera now works.
    Must a reg fix to disable driver signing always

    More Googling
    Thanks for your input on this matter Excellent

    Getting closer

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    Found this on the MS answers web site appears to do the Job,

    Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 8 Permanently worked on win10
    Step 1. Open the Windows command promt as “Run as Administrator”.
    Step 2. Run “bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS” (without the “”).
    Step 3. To finalize the process run “bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON” (without the “”).
    Step 4. Reboot and you’re done.
    To disable it do step 1 and run these commands on step 2 and 3:
    Step 2. “bcdedit -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS” (without the “”)
    Step 3. “bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF” (without the “”)
    Then do step 4 and you’re done.

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    I found I could use touch screen all the way except would not activate number 7 but a mouse is fine.
    Try it out, you must have a mouse in the house.

    This will or may cause another small issue to appear on you desktop, right hand corner windows test mode 10240.
    You can switch it off with the above command, that will turn off the driver signing feature and camera becomes
    a Yellow ! again

    Windows test mode

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    When there is a certified driver for Intel AVStream Camera??

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    Сколько еще ждать драйверов??

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    Thanks for the link. I know you posted it a while ago but just worked for my Jumper EZPad 4S. After updating to Windows 10 Creator’s Update the webcam stopped working and I could not find the drivers. The weird thing is I also have the Jumper EZPad 4S Pro, very slight differences in hardware, and after the Creator’s Update the webcam was still working and had valid drivers.

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    Does someone have a solution for the problem,now?

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