Help needed to unbrick x98 pro k9c6

Help needed to unbrick x98 pro k9c6

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    I bought x98 pro 6 months ago and was working fine for 2 months. After that what happened to the battery usage thing. Sometimes it showed 1 hour remaining for 60% and sometimes 5 minutes. It was fine for me even battery drain was quicker. But yesterday what effected battery caliberation the drain is like a flowing water. Can’t even use for 15 minutes.

    And another problem is I thought something was wrong with the windows (as I mostly use only windows) so I decided to reset windows from recovery of settings. AND YEAH I TRIGGERED BOOT LOOP. At 95% automatically restarts. I read same problem in this forum (from 64 to 95% in 1 sec and restart). I read about inserting an SD card and trying but it did not helped.

    I hope someone knows about this and give me the solution.

    Also another question is can we flash any Windows image for this tablet? Or just tablet type or any specific or what?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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