How I activated Office in Europe

How I activated Office in Europe

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    I’ve just activated my free Office Student & Home after much struggle. Here’s how it went:

    At first I’ve tried activating office using Chinese windows though without any luck because it was telling me that my activation code is region locked. Today I’ve contacted Microsoft support and told them that I bought this laptop in China and it came with Windows and Office keys but I’m not able to activate Office because of the region lock. I asked them if they would be able to exchange this Chinese key with European and they did!

    If you have any questions on how to do it reply to this post.

    Also, if you want to contribute to creating a subreddit for xiaomi laptops, contact me through Reddit (Username: ocrynox). Currently it’s /r/minotebook . It’s unlisted or private, can’t remember.

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    I received my Notebook Pro a few days ago and managed to get the Office activated in the original Chinese Windows by installing VPN software on it and setting it to a server in India. When I then selected this as the region during the Office activation, it was accepted and soon showed up in my Microsoft account. I just installed it on the English Windows, so I can confirm this works. The only hassle was navigating through the various Chinese menus, but Google Translate through the camera of my phone worked well. 🙂

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    I use Tor browser to activate office 2016 licence.When launch tor browser with chineese country go to

    Sign in to your windows office hotmail account on site and activate your licence.

    But before install new fresh windows you should use produkey to get office licence. Beware me i change my password after sign in on tor browser.


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    For me, the image of an ideal student is an active, responsible, purposeful, conscientious, responsive, successful student with extensive multilateral interests, whose main area of interest is the study and the future profession. But this is not always the case. Especially if your Office is not activated and you do not know how to do it. For several weeks I was tormented with this, I could not write an essay. I had to order online. Thanks for your post.

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