How to charge quick

How to charge quick

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    It would be worth noting here that aside from the actual charger the most important factor is the usb cable itself, specifically the AWG (wire guage) of the power lead in the usb cable you are using. Most usb cables have a 28 awg power line and no matter what charger you have you will not get more than around 500mah to the device. A cable with a 24 awg power wire will be able to handle 2 amps and this is really what you want.

    Second thing to note is that the cable length absolutely affects the amps the device can draw. The longer the cable the less amps will end up at the device. A 0.5 meter cable with 24 awg power line will be able to draw more amps to the device than a 3 meter cable with the same gauge.

    I’ve got a list of other priorities for this device and stupid realities because of my day job but I will try to do some detailed testing and post back here.

    Main thing is that you need to make sure that your charger is at least 2A and your cable has the power wire gauge (24awg minimum) to support it. Stick with a shorter cable, the shorter the better. Unfortunately 99.9% of cable manufacturers don’t publish these specs so it will take some digging…

    At the end of the day the device itself decides how many amps it will accept from the charger, and this is possible to change if you have root access. But keep in mind that changing these thing is dangerous and I would not recommend. At the very least, changing settings to speed up your battery charging will decrease the overall battery life…


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    Pascal Zinken
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    Hi all

    THNX VERY MUCH for all your reply’s.

    I will look for another cable…tthe charger seems to be ok.


    Thnx again to all.

    Martin Gorbush
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    I now officialy join fast charging club ;).

    For me problem was mesuring device. When I removed it charging time decreased two times. I don’t know why but do not use this USB multimeter with high currents. Simpler is better. Now I need to buy new charger because the best one I have becomes ultra hot while charging this tablet.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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