How to fix Mirco SD card disappear!!

How to fix Mirco SD card disappear!!

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    Step 1: download this driver and extract it to wherever you like:

    Step 2: disable Driver Signature feature of Windows :

    Step 3: Open Device Manager

    Step 4: Right click on Intel SD Host Controller (the last one) and click on Update Driver. Then choose Browse my computer for driver software.

    Step 5: Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

    Step 6: Click on Have disk.

    Step 7: Browse sdbus.inf as you downloaded from Step 1.

    Step 8: Next and Restart.

    Step 9: Enjoy.

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    Have tried this, the problem is that it massively reduces card speeds, my class 10 Transcend is reduced to 10mbs read and write, it should be 80 read and 40 write



    Samuel Hart
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    Isnt this just a repost of the driver I found, which we then realised fubard speed?


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    This should not be considered a fix but a workaround since the SD speed gets SLOOOOOOOW after applying those drivers.

    The same thing happens to a Teclast TBOOK 16 Power. This workaround kind of helps but same speed behavior.


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    i own a t book 16 power. I removed android to get a full 64gb emmc for a clean windows.

    I encounter th same problem, if i use the SD, it shades away rapidly (5 to 10 mn).

    I tried the 8.1 Driver, and this is double pain, the speed is reduced to 11mb/s, and sd card still shades away in 10 mn…

    I have no idea on how to get this SD to work correctly, and would greatly appreciate if someone who fount a correct solution could share  it.

    Thank you.



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    In my case micro SD is not working neither in Windows nor in Android. In Windows I can see the common error code 10 and in Android I can’t even mount the SD. Does anyone know how to verify if this is a software or hardware issue?



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    Do you mean that the PC does not detect the SD card? Then be prepared to back up your registry and see this section of the SD card fix article.

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