HOW To switch from Android to Windows without turn off

HOW To switch from Android to Windows without turn off

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    good morning

    I own an X98 Air with Android 4.4.4

    Currently I have to go to the Windows system off and then log on

    There is a shortcut or App to switch between the two systems without turning off the tablet?



    Rod Spalding
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    Go to the downloads section teclast/misc the 2 files you need are there install one of each to each operating system



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    OMG, i would not believe Teclast did not install this, instead of the other million bloatware!  shame on you Teclast.

    go Download>Teclast>X98 Air 3G>Misc, dl/unzip/install OSswitcher window to android while in window, and dl/install OS switcher android to window while in android.  Now you have a button to switch OS without having to turn off the tablet.

    swithch to android 55 seconds, switch to windows 29 seconds. yip pi hurray!

    thanks OP for asking such a Q and thanks Rod for the tips.  What in the world Teclast bundled a million bloatwares but leave this switch out is incredible


    Pictures tell a thousand words, here they are, enjoy; the green button on right upper corner  and the blue window icon are the switcher buttons











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    I upgraded my X98 Air II to Android 5.0 and Windows 10 and can’t get the OS Switcher from Android to Windows to work (I downloaded both from the download section here). Windows to Android takes me back to the boot selection screen (not direct switch) but Android to Windows just reboots in Android. Can anyone suggest a solution?

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