How to tell Chuwi version?

How to tell Chuwi version?

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    I have bought a second hand Hi12 and was wondering if there is anyway to tell whether the actual hardware is one of the early pre-stylus support, windows 10 only, versions that has subsequently had a newer ROM installed, or whether indeed it is an original newer dual boot Android/windows10 hardware.


    Any ideas? Model no.? Serial no.?



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    Well it is quite easy to know. Dual boot is stylus version

    First of all if it is dual boot you have a dual boot option when you turn it on.

    Second you can tell by serial number, the last five digit are tablet number and the previous two month in which was made. All tablet made after 03 march are dual boot. What is your serial number?

    Third you can check windows drivers and look for stylus support.

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    Based on the chuwi forum,

    if SN < 451603xxxxx:

    you got win10

    elif SN >= 451603xxxxx:

    you got “dual boot” version

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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