How to upgrade the SSD in the Cube i7 Stylus (Video and Pics)

How to upgrade the SSD in the Cube i7 Stylus (Video and Pics)

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    Michael Welshy Lloyd
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    Opened it up one last time. It’s now scratched to all hell around the outside. Put the original SSD back, and it boots fine.
    Put the new one in, and am trying to recover. Suspect it’s going to fail again.

    Same as before, its on the recovery screen but the message to tell me how far through, percentage wise, is missing, and occasionally flashes on the screen for a half second.

    i tried using my actual windows 10 usb drive that came with my desktop license and it doesn’t even recognize it.
    My custom made media gets as far as this recovery screen.

    I don’t see what could possibly be the issue here, other than the new drive itself being the problem?

    of the 8 or so times i’ve tried the recovery, a couple of times it has told me there’s no partition on which to install windows (well duh, I’m trying to recover an empty drive, i need you to make the partition)

    Regardless of whether I select recover from media, or restore, it always fails.

    EDIT: as a last ditch effort, I’m wondering if I can put the old drive back in, mirror the system image to a usb drive, put the new drive in, boot from the usb drive, then partition the new drive and mirror from the USB to it.

    This seems like far more effort than this thing is worth though.

    EDIT 2:

    So i reinstalled the old SSD, created a new recovery image on a different usb drive, and now when I try to boot from it it fails and tell’s me the boot drive needs to recover?

    Whatever the issue is, it seems to be with the boot manager.
    Looks like I’m stuck with 64gb of storage which makes this device basically worthless to me.

    Don’t think I’ll waste my time on these Chinese devices again.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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