Howto fix uefi boot after restore ? Fixed !

Howto fix uefi boot after restore ? Fixed !

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    Hi all,

    My android partition was not booting so I decided to restore the emmc gpt disk from an image backup made using [email protected] image.

    Now I still cannot boot android (windows boots fine) because somehow the guid partition identifiers have changed.

    How can I fix the uefi boot enties to boot android again ?


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    try going into fastboot mode and do

    fastboot oem unlock

    fastboot oem verified


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    I’m looking for a way to reset the partition identifiers to their original values as this will recreate the original boot state.

    Unlocking the bootloader as you suggest will wipe and reset the android partition, which is not what I want.


    edit1: closer investigation shows the guid partition identifiers are unique. android uses TEE (trusted execution environment) and will not boot if these change. [email protected] image does not restore the original guid partition id’s.


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    I managed to restore the GUID partition identifiers manually to their original values!

    Problem solved.


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    I got a problem with Android partitions, and now I can only boot on Windows.


    When trying to install Android it says it doesn’t identify one of the partitions.

    How did you solve the problem?


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    hi can u say how to restore GUID Partition identifiers?

    thanks alot…


    Peter Pandora
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