HP Omni10 Not Powering On

HP Omni10 Not Powering On

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    Hemant Kamat
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    My 2012 HP Omni10 has recently started exhibiting startup issues. Pressing the power button causes the tablet to briefly buzz, but the display (including backlight) remains off. However, if I touch the Windows button on the display, it buzzes. Long pressing the power button for 10 seconds causes a long buzz (forced power off) and the Windows button does not buzz now. I have to repeat the above sequence of steps 10~15 times before the display comes on with the HP logo. Thereafter, it boots into Windows normally. If I go into the BIOS, everything appears fine including the system date/time. I have tried this with/without the charger connected, same result.

    In Windows, no errors are shown in either Device Manager or System File Checker and battery condition is healthy with no visible loss of remaining charge.

    In short, when it eventually boots, everything works fine.

    I appreciate any help/advice that this community can offer me. I’d hate to junk an otherwise perfectly working Windows tablet.


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