I hate this Laptop.. sorry it's just not working

I hate this Laptop.. sorry it's just not working

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for posting in this thread, but I strangely can’t submit a new thread.

    I installed ssd, but I don’t see difference in speed.

    I have a last batch of ezbook with very speedy sandisc Emmc (almost 200 reading) And, yeah, with keyboard problems.

    So I installed Transcend 2242 ssd, mts400, 128gb, with reading 500, and writing, 160. In Cristal disk mark I receive 480 reading, 170 writing (can upload screenshots tomorrow)

    I installed fresh windows from creation tool, and then cloned boot loader and recovery partitions. Didn’t format Emmc, don’t want to take the risk of bricking the notebook.

    I have 2 partitions on ssd, for Windows, and for files, installed ms office and bt and WiFi drivers, and didn’t do much more. Ah, and updated drivers with this Microsoft updating drivers tool, it didn’t update anything.

    The problem is, I don’t feel difference in speed, between MMC and ssd. I mean, now using Windows on ssd, it’s not quicker, than it was. And, well – someone posted, that it boots in 2 seconds, for me it’s more like 30 seconds. And on MMC it was also 30 seconds, maybe 2 seconds longer.

    When I power on the notebook, I have:

    1.) 10 second of black screen, and blue diod is blinking as usual, that’s how I knew it’s turning on.

    2.) Jumper logo – 2 second to click delete and go in bios

    3.) Jumper logo and the wheel is turning.

    4.) Boot loader asks me which windows I want to boot (I turned it on 5 seconds and then booting the one from ssd, but usually I just press quickly enter.)

    5. Login screen, and then I give the pin, and have windows powered in 3 seconds. It was the same on Emmc, actually, 3 seconds, and it’s on

    Sooo, did I fuck up the installation? the drivers? Or is it just poor little ssd, and I shouldn’t expect much?

    I have the feeling, that’s this long boot of jumper logo is because the bootloader still boots from Emmc. In bios boot order I put Windows bootloader on ssd first, than uefi, than bootloader from Emmc.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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