I have lost my touch

I have lost my touch

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    Chris Clayton
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    Possibly a post October update bug, or just a coincidence, I have lost my touch screen and inking feature. I can ink with my mouse, but not my (non-active) stylus or my finger; I cannot use either to select and act, such as closing a window, copying, etc. This affects the Ink Workspsce,Ā  and apps I have downloaded specifically to test inking text and drawing.

    I have checked Device Manager which reports the relevant HID drivers to be the latest available and enabled, as does Driver Booster, and says device working properly. I have been advised to turn off Fast Startup and Hibernation to ensure a clean boot, but as you may know these are not available on our devices in the first place.

    What can I do to get Touch and Inking back?


    Chris G
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    Have you tried a new install? I guess that’s the last resort, but try rolling back drivers maybe? OR maybe it’s Windows 10 updates that to blame so not sure what you could do sorry.

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    Chris Clayton
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    Thanks for the response. After many hours on forums and eventually on MS Support Chat it has been solved. It was a driver incompatibility with the October update (there have been others I think) which updating the obvious drivers did not cure. Eventually MS used a special app to update every driver in one go, and Touch Screen / inking are back in use.

    Incidentally, when I had several people suggesting it was a hardware failure I used my ‘secret weapon’ to show it was not, by booting into Android — if Touch Screen works fine in Android on the same device hardware failure is surely very unlikely, is it not? I have done this a few times, including avoiding having to ‘scrap the machine or send it back to China (?)’ as it supposedly had an unrepairableĀ  Hard Drive failure. In fact I have experienced almost no problems with the Cube’s hardware.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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