I upgraded to falls creator update

I upgraded to falls creator update

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    I am on falls creator update and it works fine .

    Just to let other people know ?

    Chris G
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    Great! Thanks for the info.

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    Agente Desinfectante
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    I updated from Windows Update and the screen driver and wacom driver does not work.

    If I try to update the driver “using disk” it says that I have installed the best one. Also if I try to delete the driver and reinstall it.

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    I had already installed all drivers properly on a Creator fresh installed see my forum post about it (dates of may I think)

    Fall Creator update was a breeze and all continues to works.

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    whats your version number?

    i called Microsoft guys who did the job…

    the only issue is the battery drain.. i used to get 8-10 hrs but now am getting less than 5 hours… quite a disappointment…. even on battery saver mode

    good thing the overheating issue has been well taken care of by the economy mode-best battery life

    the have also removed the battery option settings that did the magic on tweaking the battery life

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    My tablet was updated itself to the latest windows version. And in the first boot after, there was no wireless. No wifi button or bluetooth in the notification area. So I just restarted and then they were there. Just letting others know 🙂

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