Important first steps after you got your new PC to stay out of trouble!

Important first steps after you got your new PC to stay out of trouble!

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion Important first steps after you got your new PC to stay out of trouble!

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    If PC comes from factory 95% of the time everything is OK and running.

    You never update a new pc with anything before you do the following:
    you never allow an internet connection on the first run (to get the newest updates)
    you check first with the device manager if everything works properly.
    than you create a restore point
    then you backup all your drivers to an external source
    create a rescue device if possible
    then you should create a complete image from the boot drive via USB3
    Tedious I know, but one hour spend now will save you many hours later!

    Activate your wifi and directly set to metered, deactivate wifi and restart.
    Now install all the essential monitor programs you already downloaded all the programs and have them on a usb drive. Read Jumpers diary there you find all the information
    The same goes for all the programs you want to work with, have them as a offline install version on your usb drive.

    Now you turn on wifi and check if everything works. monitor if anything downloads in the background without asking you first!
    Remember, Windows 10 is not your friend, it is the big bully what wants your lunch money and gives you trouble.
    It will have all computer do exact the same with the same programs and the same setups, in short it wants you to be easy to manage since it knows what is best for you.

    If everything runs satisfactory, you do the transfer to SSD, switch in bios to new boot sequence and it should work.
    This is now a new drive, so create your first restore point.
    Check if everything works.

    NOW you can remove the metered setting from wifi and let MS to what they love to do, take control of your pc.
    OR you choose my way and try to keep as much control over YOUR pc as possible.
    OR find your own way.

    And regarding just flashing your bios, in over 30 years working with computers (mine and from others) I never once  flashed a bios.
    You might think you know what you are doing, but you do not know what in your pc just might a bit different than in the one who´s bios you now flash on your pc.
    Remember: Specification can be changed without notice.

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