Increasing Power limits of Mix Plus

Increasing Power limits of Mix Plus

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    Hi guys, I’m looking around for the best tablet for the money performance-wise. I’ve been bouncing between a 7y30 (the Mix Plus seems like the best candidate) and a N3450 tablet. One thread I’ve read with eager eyes is the Increasing TDP limit on the Jumper EZBook Pro 3. The mod seems to work with any Apollo Lake device (including an “big brand” Acer Switch 3 with N4200) and I’m now wondering if it will work on a Core M device. I mean, Chris got an 80% FPS boost on a N3450 laptop, so I am excited to know if anything similar is possible with this tablet before I decide to spend on it. Imagine if proper gaming was actually possible once power limits were removed! Is anyone else as curious as me to see what performance can be unlocked from the little chip that could?

    Here is the original thread:

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    This post has not been answered for a long time. Although this is of course something many would like to know. Can you tell us a bit more perhaps? Did you make a choice yet and did you do any modding? Please let us know here 🙂 Tnx!

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