Intel Abandons The Mobile Market, Cuts Atom Chips From Manufacturing Line

Intel Abandons The Mobile Market, Cuts Atom Chips From Manufacturing Line

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    Uncle Ruckus
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    Earth shattering news and bad news for the mobile market.  I’m not a tremendous fan of Atom SOC’s but that doesn’t mean I’m not amazed at how well they work for the things they’re supposed to do.  I wonder how Microsoft is going to react considering Windows 10’s reliance on Atom processors for mobile market share.


    Chris G
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    Doesn’t make sense, they just announced the new Apollo Lake. Very poor article that doesn’t get its facts correct.

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    Intel only abandons Sophia (Atom Cherry Trail X3 with ARM chips from Rockchip) and Broxton, The ‘very very low’ Atoms for mobile and very very budget tablets. All the other Atoms works well, this is only a llamative (and very wrong) headline.


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    I hope Intel doesn’t stop supplying cheap processors to the Chinese manufacturers. There is a large price difference between the Atoms and the M3 processors. It would be a pity if all the cheap Chinese tablets would disappear.


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    AMD oh AMD where art thou AMD?


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    Well thats strange to say the least. They just announce Apollo Lake but it does actually make sense. The mobile market is subsidised by Intel. They simply cannot compete with ARM. The sad thing is that you cant run Windows on ARM CPU’s so its bad for Chinese dual boot tablets. Hopefully Intel starts lowering the prices of its M3 CPU’s and makes that the minimum standard. The Atom series aswell as the quad core AMD A4 Micro are just far too weak to run Windows 8-10 smoothly. If the rumour is true then maybe they will focus on Core M, which is good. My suspicion is they wont lower the price.

    On the plus side AMD would have a market they can actually dominate.



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