interesting findings about ODM

interesting findings about ODM

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    so i’ve found out quite some interesting things…

    apparently, the ODM for the iwork10 ultimate is Hampoo. coincidentally, it is the same ODM that produces Chuwi Hi10/Hi12/(HiBook too most likely).

    there are even motherboard names and pictures:

    apparently, our motherboard is CHT-P10 while chuwi’s hi10/12 should be CHT-P02. i bet hibook is CHT-P10.

    what does this mean? well, it means that since in my iwork10 i had chuwi’s homepage set on windows, most likely the iwork10 and hibook are basically the same (as if we couldn’t tell already just by the looks) and this is good news because it means that stuff like the android rom *could* be interchangeable. so if problems arise (i noticed one too already, which is choppy accelerated video playback in android) and one brand fixes it, it could be possible to use that rom

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    I’m not sure, but at the table mention GPS support, but neither iWork or HI12 not support GPS .. or I overlooked something?

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    It’s listed as supported, but optional.

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