iPad Pro 9.7 benchmarks for comparison

iPad Pro 9.7 benchmarks for comparison

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    I posted last week looking for an Atom tablet with stylus support.  In my search I became discouraged by the horror stories I read on this forum and others about glitches, reliability, and manufacturing defects, especially when the warranty on many of these devices is pretty much nonexistent.   I may still pick up a Chinese tablet to play with but I think I’ll give it another generation or two before I bite.

    I still had that new-device-fever and there’s been some great deals on iPads in the US over the past month.  I was able to find a new iPad Pro 9.7 32GB for $429 US.  I went ahead and ran the benchmarks that I’ve seen Chris use in his videos along with a few of my own favorites.  I figured some people here may be interested in seeing them for comparison purposes.

    Here’s the gallery.

    For reference, the iPad came on iOS 9.3 and I updated it to 9.3.3 (not the most recent 9.3.4) and Jailbroke it.  I ran these benchmarks with 5 small jailbreak tweaks (none affecting performance) and about 40 App Store apps installed.  I ran them one after the other so heat soak may have lowered the results a bit.  I still think the results are pretty impressive, especially when compared to other higher-end mobile CPUs and GPUs.  If there’s any interest I can provide my thoughts on the iPad Pro so far as a long time Apple and Android user and if anyone has any suggestions for other benchmarks then feel free to let me know.

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