Is this Knote 5 firmware update site legit?

Is this Knote 5 firmware update site legit?

TechTablets Forums Cube Forums General Discussion Is this Knote 5 firmware update site legit?

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    Looking for a way to update the bios of my Knote 5 I found this site

    With links to download firmware updates for this device. All the links (which are password protected but the side provides the password) redirect to some baidu site which is all in chinese. Upon clicking on what I suppose is the download button the file that appears for download is a BaiduNetdisk_6.3.2.2.exe. I don’t know is this some kind of download manager or what but I’m not sure if the site is legit or not.

    Has anybody attempted to update the firmware using this site?


    Rino Adi Pratama
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    Yes, I can confirm if the site is legit. I downloaded the firmware myself and extracted and it contains the firmware including windows clean install

    Also, if you want to download from baidu, you need Baidu account and its downloader.

    Y0u can also download KNote 5 firmware using shared link by @winterless here


    edit : also check the official site instead


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    Thank you!, already downloading from the official site.


    Chris G
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    It’s actually not an official Cube site, but just a reseller that has the firmware.

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    ken koi
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    You can make a windows reset disk with USB drive. Or change the password via web if you signed in the computer with Microsoft account bouncing balls, red ball

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