Issues with Ezbook Pro 3 (still working… on it..)

Issues with Ezbook Pro 3 (still working… on it..)

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    i got my Ezbook 3 Pro a weak ago or so from gearbest. It’s the Version 4. At first i was a bit annoyed about the touchpad being bad, but now that i’ve updatet the drivers via a Programm called Drive Booster i think it’s a bit better, altough i can still not find certain options that other users have reported to be available. The keyboard repeat time is slow but there is already a topic for that so i’ll read into that. It’s a pain but it’s possible to solve.

    But now even my Windows isn’t activated, as it seems to already been used before…. i think this only occured after trying to manually update drivers (non of them worked at that first time though so everything should have stayed to same even in that regard…)

    Now the space betwen the touhpad and keyboard touched to display and put scratched in it… i used it in an old factory so i guess the dust there must have come in between… still to happen so easily… just be aware of that :p. Not that everyones walking around old factorys but… still i wished i had known how easily that happens… seems it closes pretty tight … 🙁 my bad tough

    Last thing is that the keyboard is not completly fixed. Sometimes the keyboard moves around, so that the keys don’t fit the holes perfectly, resulting in a harsh, metalscratching click after which it would sometimes stay down. I had to push the keyboard back again two times already.

    Last time i was writing a youtube comment and i could not finish it (it was the only window with a video in 360p) because of MASSIVE lagg. I had to wait for ever for the text to be finished after i had typed already… this performance drops happened a few times already and i was like “woww….” even when it’s at it’s usual speed it seems to be below a random chromebooks (with 4GB of Ram and worse cpu) speed (in regards of browsing and wiriting). My Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact even seems to be way faster? Oo…i mean it’s alright but just slower than excpected and those drops sometimes make it imposible…  not to mention anything that has to do with text so far (couldn’t fix that yet, no time)

    Not everything’s bad though, i’m amazed by the screen (which doesnt even seem to have that blue calibration anymore) and the audio jack is waay better than any other device i have. It’s louder and even soundquality is better. Speakers of course suck hard and even distort pretty quick… It’s okay to use speedwise, but i excpected more out of 6GB RAM and a slightly better cpu than my previous chromebook ones (Mostly Acer Chromebooks like 14, r11, R13).
    For some reason i like the screen more tough. The Acer Chromebook 14s screen annoyed me a bit. But in all regards your getting there (better battery life, way better sound, better touchpad) I’m not 100% sure…. though there are some bad reviews. The Chromebook R13 seems to be a very good mashine onthe other hand, but after having this nice vibrant MATT display, i don’t know if i’d like to go to that rather pale glossy display of the R13 :p
    Probably not… i think a vibrant color is just as important (if not way more than /) as lots of pixels. Now that i’ve heard the difference of a good audio jack i’d even add that to the wishlist ^^ but no way that you can always check that, maybe they stepped up the game overall 😛

    Well the line on the screen was my fault i guess ;-(, gearbest should be able to help with windows activation, ill read into they keyboard problem and hope it helps and maybe after reinstalling and so on i can get a decent speed as well overall (maybe its the emmc?? hm) the keyboard thing doesnt happen often so i guess overall it’s still a nice mashine…


    Dunno why i needed to make this thead… ^^ just fealt like i wanna share

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