iWork 11 Dual Boot Recovery Guide

iWork 11 Dual Boot Recovery Guide

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    *Disclaimer* I’m not responsible for any damage you may caused your device. Use at your own risk.

    I had a dead iWork11 (originally Only a Wins 32bit Tablet).

    Since I only had the Chinese instructions to work with this is what I did that got my iWork11 working again and now also dual boot.


    This only works if your device can get to the BIOS

    You’ll need 2-5 usb 8gb storage drives (minimally 2 but if you don’t want to go back and forth formatting and reloading have 5 on hand), a multi-USB port adapter (to plug in a keyboard/mouse and a usb drive) and another computer to do all the formatting & USB loading.

    If you can boot into windows start at # 6, If you can’t boot into anything but can get to the BIOS start at #1. (But read through all the instructions anyway. I may sound redundant at times I just want to make sure it is clearly understood what to do.)

    1. Have your device Off, with the Multi-USB adapter plugged in with your external keyboard hooked up.
    2. Format a USB using NTFS and load everything inside the folder “位Win10 64bit” part 1 & 2 onto the drive (include all the contents).
      Make sure your BIOS OS Image is set to Windows (under “Advance” tab –> “System Components” in BIOS, Do this first then reset and then the next step)
    3. Plug it into the USB adapter and turn on your device and get to the BIOS then boot from the USB drive.
      This should install Windows. (If for some reason this step didn’t work for you, you can install Wins10 using the MS official creation tool installs, you just need Wins10 so you can execute the .bat files for now)
    4. Your device should boot up into Wins10 now.
    5. After booting into Wins 10, format a USB drive using Fat32.
    6. In the “Dual Boot BIOS” folder you’ll see: “64BIOS” “Windows系统下更新” and “BIOS界面更新”
    7. Take the contents of the “64BIOS” folder and put it on the USB, then plug it in to the device.
    8. Run the .bat file as administrator, then let it run til finish.
    9. Format a USB using Fat32 and place the “Windows系统下更新” contents on it, then run the .bat file, let it finish.
    10. Next format another drive using Fat32 and load the contents of “BIOS界面更新” on it.
    11. Plug it in and restart your device and get into the BIOS.
    12. Go to the “Save & Exit” tab and Select “Launch EFI Shell…” this will boot from the drive. A countdown might show up, let it count down.
      It will start to load just let it load til it is finished. (wait til you see something indicating it is done) Once it’s done you will have to hard shut it down when you do that the device will make a bunch of underscores cause it thinks you’re pressing enter. (just hold the power button til it shuts off)
    13. Format a USB drive using Fat32 and rename it WINPE, then load everything in the “安卓5.1系统 – Android” folder onto it, then plug it into the device.
    14. Go to the BIOS and set your OS Image to ANDROID and then save & reset.
    15. Boot back up into the BIOS and launch the EFI Shell. This installs Android, when it’s done hold power til it shuts off.
    16. Go back into the BIOS and set the OS Image to Windows then save & reset.
    17. Format a USB using NTFS and load everything in “位Win10 64bit” onto it, plug it in.
    18. Start up your device and get to the BIOS go to the “Save & Exit” tab use the Boot Override to boot via the USB drive, let windows Install completely.
    19. Once everything is installed your device should boot showing you a pyramid followed by a choice menu between Windows and Android.

    And now you’re done~

    These are the steps I took, if you know a bit about computers you might be able to Remix these instructions for your needs.

    Chinese instructions are included in case you need them.

    Everything you need plus additional information can be downloaded HERE

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    Hi Xuen

    Many thanks for the work you have done.

    I have several problems not unlike yourself with this tablet.

    First, I cannot find 位Win10 64bit part 1 so I am unable to boot into windows as advised.

    Looking for startup.nsh

    Secondly, although I have changed the setting in System components to Windows 10, there is still a setting in Advanced Settings that says Android.

    I cannot alter this and sometines the tablet still tries to boot into android.

    Just to be clear, I am still at the stage where I appear not to have either operating system.

    Any help you could give will be appreciated.

    Be well


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    Oh sorry I’ve re-uploaded the files so you should be able to now.

    Extra Note: At step 2 you want all the files from part 1 & 2 on the USB, not inside a folder.

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    What if the tablet stopped working after step 9. When executing .bat, errors popped up at the end, the tablet reset and doesn’t start anymore. You cannot enter the bios, only the vibration engine is running. Can the device be saved somehow?

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