iWork10 Keyboard semi teardown

iWork10 Keyboard semi teardown

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    Fahad Alduraibi
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    My little daughter spilled milk on the keyboard, so I washed it and opened it up to dry it out completely. So I thought that I would take pictures which some might find useful specially people like me who thought about adding an extra battery in the keyboard or expanding the USB with extra peripherals.

    There are 4 screws in the back under the pads, and also 4 tiny screws on the front side under the two little pads (two screws in each side) at the bottom of the keyboard! I almost broke these since I didn’t expect to have them there.

    The rest is plastic clips that holds it together, also the back cover is plastic. The metal piece holds the keyboard so it won’t flex and unfortunately is it not fixed with screws but rather a melted plastic and to remote it you need to break the melted parts which means to put ir back you need to glue it somehow, and that kept me from stripping it further.

    Simply there is not much space to add a battery, unless you are going to remote the metal piece and find another way to support the keyboard. And also you will need to have a charging and discharging circuit.

    For the USB they are using an 8bit microcontroller (SG8UP5393) as the USB hub (I attached its datasheet). From the datasheet you can find that it is a slow speed USB1.0 and support keyboard and mouse connections, but it is possible that there is another USB chip that is not exposed and I couldn’t see.

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    George Anas
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    Good information!

    I would really love to try and make a mod in the future for importing an extra battery inside the keyboard if possible

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