Jumper 3 with win10 runs a win8 image from a HP Stream via usb

Jumper 3 with win10 runs a win8 image from a HP Stream via usb

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    I cloned the 32GB eMMC from a HP Stream13 with WinToUSB onto a 64GB Sandisk Ultra Fit.
    Then I put the Sandisk into the USB3 port of a Jumper 3S and change the boot menu to boot from USB.
    47 seconds later the windows 8 from the HP was running on the Jumper and except for adding a USB wifi stick on the USB2 port on then right side of the Jumper. The 2 $ generic N card was instantly recognized and activated.

    In the first minute I show the HP and the Jumper side by side booting. Than at 1.01 I show just the Jumper with the complete process from inserting, changing BIOS, booting, running programs and killing the OS by removing the USB stick.

    The track pad is working, sound is working, the USB ports are working, all without installing any drivers.
    The HP installed browsers are working as are the portable apps.

    You see the basic information of both computers which show identical data, except for the difference in hardware.
    You also see that this is no fake when I pull the Sandisk out of the Jumper.


    But if you try to get the intel display or processor drivers (the around 20 little intel driver for all the intel goodness) or anything what is a windows driver – forget it.
    This is as far I got with one months of research and trying out the craziest things. The N3450 is blocked inside and outside for win 7 and 8 – 10 only.
    But it was fun to see what is possible.

    Need Help?
    1981 soldered my first Sinclair computer 1K, tapedeck * 1984 build and sold IBM clones 8Mhz, 512K, 20MB HDD * 2018 messing with ultrabooks

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