Keyboard for Teclast X98 air 3G

Keyboard for Teclast X98 air 3G

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    Is it a nice Keyboard (like those for iPad) for  Teclast X98 air3G with the same mesurements : are the measurements exactly the same as the iPad air?

    Can you use a cover + keyboard for ipad air with the Teclast? Wil it fit?

    Or any other nice solution?



    Julie Hine
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    The ‘original keyboard and protective cover/holder’ is brilliant design ( just wish it had a touchpad ! ) as shown in Chris’s utube video and the keyboard is a pleasure to use ( it connects almost instantly, being blueooth 4.0, and even stores the keystrokes as you type your logon password while its connecting with the tablet ).
    The keys are a bit ‘bouncy’ and if your typing with it balanced on a the arm of a settee ( as I am ) it sometimes misses or doubles/mistypes letters but on a hard surface its fine.
    The protective cover is the same size as an ipad back cover but the slots and holes for buttons and connectors/speakers are in the wrong place !.

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    I have the teclast x98 air iii. I bought the ‘original teclast BT KB protective cover’. The protective cover came w a plastic shield.  It is a bit small for the tablet, but used a little bit force and push, the tablet ‘squezz’ in fine. However, the protective cover is now too thin to keep both the BT KB and the tablet.  Bottomline, the ‘original…’ will not fit the air III.  Teclast came up w a newer KB for the air III, I am waiting for shipment



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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