Microsoft Surface 3 (Atom X7) getting some Linux love

Microsoft Surface 3 (Atom X7) getting some Linux love

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    What’s this??? Cherry-Trail Atom finally seeing some direct attention via the upcoming Kernel 4.8 release. Let’s hope this is just the beginning.
    >> Linux kernel 4.8 to natively support Microsoft Surface 3
    From my reading of kernel 4.8 patches/fixes it’s likely to run better on other Atom Bay-Trail and Cherry-Trail X5’s as well.
    The release candidate is already available if you’re a brave cutting edge guy wanting to test… I hope some Chuwi tablet owners will give it a try and report back.
    The stable release of 4.8 I think is slated for October. If you want Linux to run on your Chuwi/Teclast Atom X5-Z8300 now is the time to test it and report back problems so they might fix it before the release.

    “There’s speculation that the final release of Linux kernel 4.8 should run amazingly well on the Atom-based Surface 3 tablet, even better than Microsoft’s own Windows 10 platform.”

    While many Linux users dislike Microsoft, some of them undoubtedly envy Windows hardware. While it is possible to run Linux distros on some Surface tablets (I’ve done it), not everything will work flawlessly. Today, release candidate 1 of Linux Kernel 4.8 is announced, and it seems a particularly interesting driver has been added — the Surface 3 touchscreen controller. Will Microsoft’s lower-priced (starting at $499) hybrid computer become the ultimate mobile Linux machine?

    While there are many significant changes in the kernel, the interesting part regarding the Surface 3 comes from Dmitry Torokhov in an earlier mailing list chain. He wrote the following.

    Hi Linus,

    Please pull from:

    git:// for-linus

    to receive updates for the input subsystem. You will get the following new drivers promised in the last merge window:

    – driver for touchscreen controller found in Surface 3
    – driver for Pegasus Notetaker tablet
    – driver for Atmel Captouch Buttons
    – driver for Raydium I2C touchscreen controllers
    – powerkey driver for HISI 65xx SoC

    There you have it folks. A driver for the Surface 3 touchscreen controller should make its way to the final release of the 4.8 Linux kernel. The lower-priced (and less powerful) Surface 3 should run Linux very well. Quite frankly, a Linux-based OS might run better on the Atom processor than Windows 10 does.

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    This is great news for all Atom Cherry Trail owners! Thanks for sharing.

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