Looking for a replacement mainboard

Looking for a replacement mainboard

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    Guillaume Giraudon
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    Hi all,

    I have been reading the forums for a long while but this is my first time posting. I therefore appologize in advance if my post is not in the right section of the forum.

    For those of you who dont want the long version of the story, the short of it is : I am desperately looking for someone who could sell me a Cube i9 Mainboard (The board reference is EM F6611 (manufactured by EMDOOR)

    I own a Cube i9 on which I have had all sorts of problems.
    I bought it from on Aliexpress from a vendor called “Tablet PC Factory : EPC” .
    When the tablet came in, I booted it and played around with it for about 30 minutes but all of a sudden it went completely dark and wouldnt boot up again.

    I contacted the vendor who asked me to have it checked my a local electronics shop (???)
    Being a telecom guy, I did have enough equipment and knowledge to run some rudimentary diagnostics. I concluded that the issue was with the main circuit board.

    I related my findings to the vendor who insisted that I was wrong and that the problem was with the battery… he proposed to send me a battery and told me it might take 30 days.

    I triple checked the battery and told them that it was fine. Both cells were charding normally and the output voltage was nominal… but to no avail.

    I then asked if I could send the device back to which I was told that not only did I have to pay for shipping (something outrageous like 75$, but that I would also have to pay some repair charges ….

    Tried to get aliexpress involved but things were just stalling.

    Not knowing what to do, I ended up removing the heatshield from the mainboard and verifying that no pins were shorted anywhere.

    After making sure everything was clean, I reassembled the tablet and tried to power it up…. IT WORKED (at least for a while).

    Thinking I was out of the woods, I settled with the vendor and closed my complaint.

    But the problems didnt really stop… the device remained unstable and would crash randomly.

    Out of desperation, I made used some proper thermal paste and added a copper shim to add some extra heat dissipation… but that didnt help either.

    After a while, the tablet just died… and nothing I can do will bring it back.

    The LCD is fine, the SSD is fine, the battery is fine…. all I need to get it back up and working again is just a replacement mainboard.

    I tried contacting all the emails on the 51Cube website as well as several Cube vendors on Aliexpress but to no avail.

    If anyone out there has any contact at AllDoCube or knows of someone who might supply me with a mainboard, I would be extremely grateful.


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    i’ve send to You a pm.

    What I've used and what I've got:

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    Hi all.

    I need tablet motherboard for Teclast X98 Plus II. Can anybody know where i can buy it? Thanks

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