Looking for Note/Ultrabook for around 250-300€

Looking for Note/Ultrabook for around 250-300€

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    Hey guys,

    my Surface Pro 2 recently broke and I need to replace it with something. I cant really afford a new surface so I´m looking into a chinese table/ultrabook for uni which should be around 250 – 300€

    A few things that are essential:

    Battery Life – Min. 4hrs of Word/Excel/Web Browsing is absoloutely key (real life not on paper)

    Keyboard – Since I type a lot, the keyboard is really important. I dont mind a small keyboard but it needs to feel good

    Speed – I dont game on my Uni devices so I dont care for massive power but someting with an SSD or SSD like, which I can switch between, excel, word and chrome quickly is really important.

    Design – Not quite as important but a good design is always nice to have. The Xiaomi Air would be great but is a bit outside of my budget.


    Generally, a plus would be if it shipped from with in the EU but not too bothered.

    I´ve been looking at the Chuwi Hi12 but I´m not the biggest fan of the keyboard and apparently its not particularly quick either?
    I also came across the Voyo VBook V3. It looks promising, I just dont know enough about CPUs to judge the speed. Also the bezels seem excessive?

    Does anyone have any recomendations? I dont mind if its a Tablet with a good keyboard or just straight up a notebook/ultrabook as long as its quick, has decent enough battery and has a good enough keyboard.



    Mario Fajardo
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    Maybe the cube i7 stylus? Usually cheaper than the book to fit your cash bill. Based on my use of the book, you have to hammer it to get less than around 4 hours of battery, so if you go for it, if you don’t abuse 100% brightness and keep it’s CPU working 100% you should be able to hit 4 hours no problem. Problem here is that either you get juice, or you get performance, you cannot get both in the same package. And snappiness come from SSDs that only come in higher end machines with more performance… Chris, if I recall correctly there was an Atom tablet with an actual SSD and not eMMC, right? If I am right that could be the best choice.

    Chris G
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    That was the Voyo V3 Mini PC, it has a 128GB SSD and no eMMC. Not a tablet sadly. Yes the i7 Stylus is another option, but the keyboard isn’t as good as the i7 book’s.

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    Hmm, thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it.
    I´ve been thinking to up my budget slightly but at what point is it more logical to buy say a Surface 3 vs a Xiaomi Air?
    I was hoping to find something for such a low price simply because I feel like if I´m going to spend 500€ on a Notebook, I might as well buy a US/EU brand which would give me the added benefit of easy returns, no long shipping and of course a different quality.
    Essentially Im trying to find that sweet spot where the quality/specs of a notebook outmatches the price of a “non-chinese” brand. A used Transformer or even a new one is pretty much around 250€ so it makes me wonder whether the chinese tablets make any sense in reality?
    I was also thinking about a Chromebook, have you guys come across any decent ones?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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