low battery life with no battery wear

low battery life with no battery wear

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    hello , i have been getting very low battery life for the past few days

    about 2 hours 15 min to be exact while plain browsing while earlier i got about 4 hours , tablet is 10 months old. I also checked the battery through a number of software and all show full capacity and  zero battery wear . I have actually let my tablet on charging for the last month using it like a desktop but shouldn’t that bypass the battery since it was not getting used .

    Any suggestions or at least a link to a new battery from gearbest plz


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    Superstition: it used to be the case that leaving a device on a charger was hard on the battery.  I think that has been fixed by smarter charging circuitry.  But I don’t really know any of this because manufacturers don’t want to tell customers this kind of thing.

    Perhaps you have a background task that is using a lot of CPU and thus causing the system to burn up more battery.  I’m not an expert Windows user, but I think “Task Manager” might show you where you what’s up.  I’m sure that there must be better tools.


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