M89 – audio problems

M89 – audio problems

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    Thomas Czabula
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    Hi all
    I just bought this nice tab but I really have a problem with the audio. Do you guys experience the same issues?
    When I listen to music (mp3, flac and wav), stored on the intern memory or on sd card, I hear this glitch/his/gap (I dont know what to call it) every 25 to 60 second. It is most noticeble when connected to my amp and speakers in the livingroom, but I also hear it with headphones. Not as much when using blutooth but its there. Theres nothing when streaming from Youtube og Spotify.
    I am know back on updated firmware but have tried to go back to original firmware. No luck, the result is the same.
    Its a shame because I really like this unit, apart from this problem and I need to connect it through the 3,5 mm jack.


    Ian Turner
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    I had this problem on another Teclast model, I resolved it by turning up the notification volume.  For some reason when its at 0 it causes the chirp.

    I hope it works for you


    Doug Lung
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    I think I’ve found a work around for the M89 audio glitch every 25 seconds or so, at least for VLC:

    In Settings | Notifications | VLC – Set “Block all” notifications (Never show notifications from this app).

    This alone doesn’t seem to stop the glitches, but displaying the “Equalizer” (access menu dots on top right in VLC) and leaving it on the screen while the audio plays works fine. It isn’t necessary to change anything on the equalizer. I listened to two 22 minute album sides and didn’t notice any glitches.

    I haven’t had a chance to experiment with other apps, but considering that videos and streaming video doesn’t glitch having something else grab the screen seemed to do the trick.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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