MACRIUM REFLECT Recovery on boot for Hi10 Pro?

MACRIUM REFLECT Recovery on boot for Hi10 Pro?

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    Hello. I bought a VI10 tablet last year, and with a lot of patience, and help from this website, I figured out on my own how to:

    *Restore drivers properly from lots of drivers in the wild.

    *Create/install custom copy of Windows 10 LTSB with Microsoft Store (LTSB is a genuine copy of Windows “light”, basically stripped down of a lot of annoying bloatware in Windows). Note: All those automated batch scripts/tools to remove components in Windows or Telemetry related apps create too many issues.

    *Activate said copy easily via KMS (MS Toolkit), or also retain legal copy in Bios using the automated phone method (but need to retain/use original edition of Windows for that, in this case; Home edition).

    *Remove Android (took too much space in a 32G tablet).

    *Create a custom Recovery option during boot using a free copy of Macrium Reflect to restore my custom pre-configured copy of Windows 10 LTSB.


    But I sent that tablet to my sister, and I forgot how I did all of that LOL.


    Has anyone here managed to create a custom Recovery for the Hi10 Pro? I would love to keep android this time since now we have 64G, and maybe even create a custom partition within that 64GB emmc storage to store that backup copy of Windows and Android to restore instead of keeping that backup system copy elsewhere in an external storage?

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    Why yes , You use the win10 image of supplied on this site  copy it to a GPT formated usb boot made with RUFUS tool  .Copy to sources renaming image.wim to image.esd . And install .All the drivers are baked right in (except camera you get that here also) .

    You may need to Flash Andriod first and wipe the drive depending on your situation.

    Done this many times on Hi8 too

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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