Malware in the BIOS update download file

Malware in the BIOS update download file

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    When downloading the BIOS tool from the downloads area Teclast->X98 Plus->Bios Updates-> X98PlusBIOSUpdateTool (2.7 MiB), Windows Defender detects malware. Trojan:Win32/Spursint.A

    Anyone else had this?


    Stuart Smith
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    Anyone else verify this as true or not?

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    No, IMHO it’s nonsense, maybe you have incorrect link for downloading or changed hosts at your system…

    Chris G
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    False positive, it’s because of the rights this application has to flash a bios. I did get a warning on Google drive it had a virus, but it’s rubbish as it’s the official file from Teclast.

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    FYI I had to disable Windows Defender to download the file and then add an exclusion so that it would not quarantine it when opening or extracting in WinRAR.

    winston smith
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    If that’s the official files from teclast, why not just post a link to the official files on teclast website ?

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