mi notebook pro after 1 year battery

mi notebook pro after 1 year battery

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    <p class=”s14dydj4-10 kiAEUp”>hello subreddit, im here to ask if someone here is facing problems with battery in this notebook. The problem ia really uncommon because my battery ias hitting only 2 ans half hours in full charge. Battery damage ia ust 10% so i think it should be fine my. I have solvee my problem with kicking fans so there isnt also problem. I have latest bios 906 and im running windows 10. I had always my ntb in power so there arent many cycles done. Now i want to take it with me to school but neee more battery:(. Guys, does someone have any tips? Tips like get down brightness is quite pointless to me :P. Also i didnt do anything with drivers because i thought its waste of time.. maybe im wrong.</p>
    <p class=”s14dydj4-10 kiAEUp”>Notebook is really great i have it for almost year now but battery issue is really issue!</p>
    <p class=”s14dydj4-10 kiAEUp”>Greetings, Michal</p>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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