Mi Notebook Pro dead after 13 months

Mi Notebook Pro dead after 13 months

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    Hi everybody,

    I have bought a Xiaomi (Mi) Notebook Pro a little more than one year ago from gearbest. Yesterday I realized there was an odd smell coming from the notebook. However the notebook itself was not hot, just the normal operating temperature. The notebook was working perfectly normal. So I didnt care about it much first but today it was completely dead. I opened it and found that one of the integrated circuits (*edit its probably a capacitor or resistor) got too hot. Please see the screenshots attached. This particular device has no active cooling so I wonder what could have happened here. The print on the device is burned so I cannot look it up on google. I doubt that there is any warranty from gearbest so I won’t even try…

    So my questions here:

    • Is there any way of repairing it? It has only two wires so there might be some chance to fix it by welding in some new device
    • Can anybody tell me the specifications of this device? Also only the print would be helpful
    • Do you know of anybody who had the same issue?
    • How can such a thing happen? How high are the chances of having a damaged device?

    Best regards


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    Chris G
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    Not good and very rare this happened. Your best bet would be a repair shop that does this kind of work.

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    Hi Chris G,

    thanks for your reply. I did some more research and found out that the component is most probably a shunt resistor or maybe a simple resistor. So if only the resistor is fried chances are pretty good to replace it and repair the notebook. The resistor might be somehow related to the notebook’s current supply but that’s only a guess.

    Does anybody know about the print on the component? Is anybody about to replace his SSD?


    By the way I am still wondering how this could happen. Hardware virus? Stuxnet like conspiracy? OrĀ  the one damaged resistor in I did not use my notebook heavily and i cannot recall any mechanical damage.


    Best regards,


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    Just bad luck with one defective component, no reason to overthink it. Take it to a PC repair shop and pray it is not too expensive.

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