micro sd card not supported……. i'm so crazy! -_-

micro sd card not supported……. i'm so crazy! -_-

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    samsung microSDXC EVO 64g UHS-I class 10

    Transcend microSDXC 64g UHS-I 400X Premium

    both android support

    but windows not support…..(SD Storage Class Controller error code 10)

    4times over android, windwos reinstall but not support

    bios 222, 223, 300 update…… but not support

    ms custom driver ,,, sdio ddr50 ETC… enable  but not suppot……………..


    otg hub = windows, android both support


    why not support??

    i’m so mad!!!!!!!!!!

    + samsung galaxy note 3 = both support

    Chris G
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    Not sure, I gave up on reviewing the Hi8 Pro after my unit was a complete bug filled pile of junk. The screen had a hardware issues too. I had to sell it as spares for $40. Wasted $119 (Hi8 Pro first release on Aliexpress) + $10 DHL delivery and then around 38 euros in tax! Pissed me off and made me mad enough not to get the second batch.

    This tablet is too buggy.

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    Same issues here, in bios under south bridge then another tab there was a sd pci or ap-something that when switched would fix the card in win but then it would fail in android,  now it fails in both even after a full android+win10+bios flash. Im gonna open her up again to look for any power shorts or loose pins.

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    Something to try,  after disabling the wifi,  i was able to access the sd card, but it would cut out and in if it went to sleep. Windows seemed to have an affect, device manager showed a different response, but i could not access sd card.

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    Same issue here. I tried reinstalling windows, bios update, different sd cards…

    No access to sd card in windows (no problem with Android though)


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    There is a  BIOS update  on the official Chuwi forum to solve the SD card issue , but it didn’t  worked  for me

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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