Micro SD card Slot not working.

Micro SD card Slot not working.

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    Hi Guys.

    I’ve got the EZbook in hand last week and due to the limited space in 64GB internal SSD.

    I have inserted a MicroSD card (Samsung ultra 64GB) to the micro SD card slot on the right side.


    But nothing happened in file explore.

    It seems the Micro Sd slot is not working.


    Anybody had a same problem and solved?

    it would be hard to contact the manufacture. after service and send my device overseas delivery for this reason.


    Hope there is solution that I can check.



    Yap Chong Chieh
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    You might want to try rebooting your system first and insert the micro SD card again. IteĀ seems like the card slot is very sensitive and needs a lot of care when inserting the card. I have encountered this problem before and all I did was remove the card, reboot, insert again and it worked. Also, make sure you have no other USB devices attached to the ports just in case.


    sam mandebvu
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    any advice on compatible 128gig SD cards? I hear the laptop has issue reading some.

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    HI, I ma having the same issue on a F6 pro, I ahev tried 3 different cards and nothing happens either.

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