Mix pro still the best?

Mix pro still the best?

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    Hi I’m looking to upgrade my tablet. I’ll be using it primarily as a netbook for coding on the go. Mainly c/c++ that requires long compilation times, so I’m looking for something with good CPU grunt for the price. However I’d like to stick with a convertible or tablet.

    I’ll be using Linux only (probably arch) . Windows will be deleted the day I unbox it.

    I currently use an Asus transformer t100ta with a 500gb SSD in the keyboard dock, but the slowness, lack of ram and tiny low res screen  is getting me down.

    I want:

    • Fast (Kaby Lake, ideally 8GB RAM)
    • X86
    • 10.1 inch screen or bigger, at least 1080p but would prefer HiDPI
    • Upgradeable SSD
    • At least the WiFi and display drivers working in Linux (or likely to on the mainline kernel) .
    • Reasonable keyboard or keyboard cover.

    Looks like one of the best choices is still the Cube Mix Pro… But it’s not a looker, and is 2 years old… Are there any newer options?

    The Knote 8 and Teclast X6 Pro look decent but I can find very little info about them.

    Thanks in advance


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    Teclast X6 Pro I hope to have soon. It looks the most promising. KNote 8 was okay but a bit overpriced. Some minor issues

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    Thanks. I might go ahead and order one. Can’t find a good source for the keyboard though.

    I’m hoping it’s a real SSD and not emmc, and that it won’t be glued together. In your experience are Teclast products screwed together?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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