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Mod: Internal MicroSD Card Reader

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    Samuel Kwok
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    This took way longer than I intended.  I made some mistakes along the way and would like to share. You can learn how to wire the USB in the other thread, it’s quite straight forward.

    1. I used the tiny MicroSD only reader and took it apart.  It fits perfectly next to the speakers.  But when I tried to close the lid, there were plastic buffer so I had to move it next to the battery on top.
      • I ran into two problems.
        • The extra wires were putting pressure on the LCD
        • The MicroSD reader I choose was not working.  It would not wake up after sleep.  I had to restart the X98 Pro to get it back again.  I tried everything in the USB power settings, Power Management USB link, task schedule but nothing works.
    2. I had another OTG MicroSD / SD reader available so I took it apart, remove the SD part, trim out the OTG, trim the extra length on the USB side and left with a tiny footprint.
      • I ran into a problem, I didn’t seal up the underside of the “tiny footprint” with just the MicroSD slot.  It short circuited and it was out of commission.
      • I have an extra one so I did everything above and sealed it up.  It booted up fine and it’s now done.
      • This OTG has two port, I used the regular USB port side and it still shows after the X98 Pro wakes up from sleep.


    I was also looking at adding magnets internally so I can use iPad Air Smart Cover.  It’s out of my technical skills.

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    spzjulien supercowz
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    nice, just ordered 128gb ultra fit sandisk 130mb/s for 30euro i will at id and see what happen 🙂—130MB_s


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    are you not better off with a cheaper usb2 one? you will only be able to use the usb2 bus with the device. oh well if youve already purchased it then no point returning.. cheap enough anyway.


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    About that, it seems the X98 Pro chipset  is actually USB3 capable, there is a hint when you plug the tablet in an USB port, Windows will show a message saying that this device can run at better speed.


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    Hi Samuel

    Its Actually Good idea, putting SD card internally instead of fixing full sized usb port,  Which is useful but looks ugly. Thumbs up for the idea.

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