Most powerful surface clones?

Most powerful surface clones?

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    I’m looking for some powerful  yet reasonably priced surface clone.

    I’m photographer and that’s my main area of concern.

    Now I have powerful stationary workstation, but I’m looking for new mobile computer. I have cube iWork 10 ultimate, but atom has just not enough power, so I’m using it mostly to theter images through wifi, yet even in that it’s not good as battery can’t withstand longer shoots and even plugged in it charges slower than uses battery.

    On the other hand whenwi need more computing power i have my old lenovo y580, but it’s bulky, heavy  has very low quality screen and is in quite bad condition after years of lugging it around with me.

    So I’m looking for alternative that would be as powerful as plausible, to be able to handle big raw files from time to time (only in special cases, my main photoshop machine is my stationary workstation, but on trips etc. To get samole images quickly), has big battery and charges quickly (no more usb 2.0 charging!) and is light and is tablet, so I can use it as screen while shooting (that’s not up to discussion, only detachable keyboards, no notebooks/laptops).

    I was looking at Voyo vbook i7 plus, as it looks like everything i want and is really good priced, i don’t see it anywhere on this site. Has anyone used it?

    But 8gen coffee lake U processors look great, especially like 8559U, but I don’t see any “Chinese” devices with it, and surface, or other “western” brands are out of my budget. Is there chance, anyone has any info, to get something like this voyo only updated with 4 core 8gen i7?

    Thank you very much on advance for your answers.

    Best regards,

    Sebastian Wnęk


    Chris G
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    Voyo vbook i7 plus would be the most powerful Surface clone. I review the i5 model as the tablet is great, the keyboard is quite poor.

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    Thank you. So no info on upcoming 8th gen processors update?


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    Still no other company makes i7 2in1s? I see a lot with weaker processors but I guess there is market also for more powerful units, for people who would normally think about original Surface but for much lower price…


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