My Mix Cube Plus wont power on

My Mix Cube Plus wont power on

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    Hi every one,


    I am wrinting this because my Mix Cube PLus stopped working 2 years ago, and now since we are all locked up, I have time to try to repair it 😀

    So here is the situation :

    2 years ago, I decided to launch a Windows Update, everything was going good, the tablet was restarting and then, nothing, black screen and no possibility to turn it on.

    I used the reset button and it went off. Now when i’m starting the tablet, the red led goes on, if I push the windows button, it vibrates, but the screen still black.

    I tried oppening it so see if any cable is not plugged, but everything is.

    Do you have any idea on how I can fix this ? Just start the Bios would be a huge victory 😀

    Thanks in advance !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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