My new MI Pad 2 Windows has arrived

My new MI Pad 2 Windows has arrived

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    My MI Pad 2 Windows has arrived. So far very impressed. Looks and feels very well made, very responsive and speakers sound great for a small tablet.

    Couple of points i’ve noticed when using chrome browser;

    When in tablet mode in chrome browser the keyboard doesn’t pop up when trying to type, you need to change to windows mode and manually click the keyboard.

    And when using Google Hangouts add on in chrome the video is flipped upside down, thought it could be the Mi Pad but checked the windows camera app and the selfie camera is correct so could be a chrome optimisation I guess?

    Brought mine from Ibuygou, must say very good price & service.


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    Glad you like it. I’m super impressed with mine and reviewed it as the best mini tablet there is for now. If only it had microsd and hdmi out it would be almost perfect. As you say the sound is good for a little tablet, the speakers have to be the best I’ve heard yet. If Xiaomi can do it Cube, Teclast and others need to take note, and they also need to start using Wireless AC.

    Chrome is buggy still with the keyboard popup. But at least it does scroll a little better now in resent updates. I suggest you try this to help solve the keyboard issue (Autopopupkeyboard) it’s attached.

    As for Hangouts, not sure about that. Could be a driver issue.

    If you have time could you please write a user review here: Thanks.


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    Figured out the camera issue!

    It seems Hangouts (in Chrome and Explorer) and the QR scanner app don’t work with the tablet rotated! Rotate the tablet so the left side (when viewed with USB-C port is at the bottom) is at the bottom and the camera is correct but rotate it the other way and the app rotates but the image gets flipped and upside down so think that’s a bug?

    The windows camera app works in every rotation angle.

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