My Teclast X98 Pro experience

My Teclast X98 Pro experience

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    I have received my Teclast X98 Pro tablet last Friday. The shipment from Banggood took about two weeks from the moment of ordering.

    My first experiences with this tablet are good. It is built well, feels solid, and the screen looks really good. Also. my tablet is working stable, i have faced no crashes or unexpected restarts this weekend. And about the ‘heat’ problems, i cannot say that the tablet feels hot. I have not checked the temperatures, but it just seems to work normally. I also must say that my tablet contains a Hynix eMCC, which is just working well. Wifi signal is as strong as other devices.

    Personally I really wanted to have a Windows tablet. I don’t care about the dual boot at all. That is why I decided to remove the Android partitions from the device. Actually what I did was just booting from USB with Windows 10 setup that I created with the MS tool (just standard, no drived sideloaded). Then within the setup I removed ALL partitions and let Windows setup partition the device automatically.

    So, after that I had a Windows 10 Pro NL installation (activated using my own key) on a single ~63 gb partition (next to MSR and EFI partitions). I recoved the drives using the downloads from techtables. At this moment everything is working again except for the Camera and the Gravity Sensor.

    • Camera, tried to install unsigned driver, but cannot get it working.
    • Gravity Sensor, drivers installer properly, device won’t start

    I dont care too much about the above ^^ mentioned problems. The deviced where working fine in stock installation, and I am sure that a workaround will be found soon. That is the risk you take when you start tweaking the device yourself.

    I think battery life is ok, it can work for 4 hours without any problems. My tablet just continues working fine, untill it is shutdown by windows at 6 percent. I couldnt reproduce the shutdown problems mentioned by some other users. The tablet works for 6+ hours when i am using my (second) hdmi screen only. In this setup i feel like having a really slim desktop computer that i can use when i am at home. I also ordered the OTG hub that allows for charging at the same time while using USB devices, which should arrive soon.

    The only thing I don’t really trust is the USB charger. It indeed gets really hot. That is why i am using a old smartphone charger at the moment. I will look for a more decent charger soon, probably will pick up one thet delivers >2 amp at local IKEA (which is officially approved and tested..).

    I have the feeling that I made a good decision to buy the tablet. Especially the availability of 4gb internal memory and 64gb storage makes it much more future proof then most other tablets within this price range.

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    Thanks for your feedback!

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    To get camera working as per your problem
    Have a look here ISP Camera Devise Missing

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