Need EZBook 2 Replacement Charger

Need EZBook 2 Replacement Charger

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    The tip of my charger fell off (and is currently stuck in the charging port, actually haha) so I need to buy a replacement charger. I tried contacting the site (Gearbest) but, according to them, it will take at least another month or two before they could send a replacement.

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a replacement charger that would fit the EZBook 2’s charging port. I was thinking about getting a universal charger from Amazon but I’m not sure which one to get and if any of the tips would even fit.

    Has anyone needed to replace their charger yet? If so, where’d you get it from?



    Andy Lamb
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    I was looking for a replacement because I was supplied with a US charger and a UK adapter so it wasn’t very secure. I got a multi voltage adapter from Amazon and so far it works well.

    The original is 12v and 3a, the replacement is only 2.4a but the right angled plug also works better in the socket as it doesn’t obscure the USB socket as much as the original.

    Link for Amazon page ;



    Brian Robertson
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    Note that the original charger on the “new” Ezbook 2 is 5 volt 3 amps (not 12 volts)  and was also delivered to me (UK) as a US plug with a UK adapter.

    I agree this is loose fitting – but a drop of superglue fixed it!




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    my Charger is dead and i would like to buy a new one. I know that my ezbook 2 is one of the first Revision with 12V=3A. But i Dont no which one Connector i need (most of the connectors seem the same ^^)

    on ebay i found a Replacement Charger with some connectors, would one of them fit?





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