Need Help with Boot USB EZPAD 6s Pro

Need Help with Boot USB EZPAD 6s Pro

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    I can’t seem to get anything to boot from usb that isn’t a windows installation. what settings do i need to change to allow anything to boot?

    I ve disabled secure boot but still doesn’t work


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    Have you looked in the BIOS for boot options? Boot order and boot from USB come to mind as possibilities of what may be there and may need setting …
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    I can choose to boot the usb device but i can’t seem to boot anything but Windows install or WinPE. I been trying to boot things like the below  but it just stalls at black screen

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    Ok, i try to explain:

    Before you try to boot from USB, i have to warn you about the black screen you will get if you follow my instruction!

    If you don´t have a Micro HDMI cable to a TV Set, you won´t be able to restore anything, if something went wrong. You also Need this HDMI Cable to make your Settings in BIOS. If you have a Cable, connect it to a TV Set or other HDMI Input device and try if you get Picture of your Pad. Not only from Windows, also from the Bios Screen.

    If this works, you can go further.

    Enter Bios (hope you see it now on your TV Set:-) ). Go to Chipset – South Bridge – OS Selection. In here there should be “Windows”. If you´re unsure, here is my 2nd Warning: Changeing this item will dark your Screen an the Pad, only HDMI will work. I choose here “Intel Linux” to boot Grub from a USB Stick.

    By the Way, installing a Linux. Android, Remix OS from USB works fine, but to get back to useable Pad, you have to switch the OS Selction back to Windows. This is the only Way i found to boot with Screen on the Tablet. But other´s (non Win)OS may then no more boot. ( I spend many Day´s on it)

    This Tablet seems only to Boot from a EFI Loader. MBR Loaders hang up at boot.

    The only way of Dualboot i managed by now is by the newest Android X86 (Oreo)and it´s Grub Loader.

    But theres a Little Bug with WIFI, witch isn´t easy for me to solve. (Realtek RTL 8723 Bug with Antenna selction). You don´t have Wifi. But a nice Grub Loader which boot with Setting in Bios OS Selection “Windows”.

    P.S. Disable in Bios “Quiet Boot” , “Fast Boot”, and set “Setup Prompt Timeout” to 3s. You have then 3 sec. time to select Boot OS by Pressing “F7”.

    Good luck. If you brick your Tab, please don´t make me responsible for it. (The Jumper Bios is merciless).



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