Need tablet: max. 10" LCD, DualBoot, 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD, WORKING SDcard SDXC

Need tablet: max. 10" LCD, DualBoot, 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD, WORKING SDcard SDXC

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion Need tablet: max. 10" LCD, DualBoot, 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD, WORKING SDcard SDXC

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    Looking for a tablet (any tablet any brand and any price):

    • Maximum 10″ display
    • Must be Dual Boot (Win10, Android 5.1+)
    • Minimum 4GB+ Ram
    • Minimum 64GB+ SSD
    • Must reliably support the SD card slot with 128GB+ SDXC, SD cards must be exFat format (or NTFS, don’t care). The FAT32 is not good for me (limit 4GB).   SD Card in Windows is a must but I can live without Android support for the SD card.

    I have yet to see any dual boot tablet that works with SD cards in this configuration.

    If anybody knows any tablet with the configuration above or better, please let me know.

    I lack the perseverance to learn how to flash a dual boot tablet from scratch with custom ROMs. From what I’ve seen looks like RemixOS is an option for me to get dual boot on a Windows only tablet.  So if somebody has an experience with above configuration and SD Card working on Windows only tablet, please let me know.



    • Onda V919 Air Ch – Onda SD card slot actually worked sometime but the tablet had pretty bad overheating issue on Android and the full battery would be drained in 40 minutes.
    • Teclast X98 Plus – Teclast works pretty well with both Windows and Android running fine. Windows was fine with SD Card, but the SD Card slot suddenly stopped after some Windows updates a few month ago. The Win 8.1 driver solution proposed here works but doesn’t help for me. First of all the driver is slow, but it is unreliable, it works for a bit and then suddenly it stops. Issues with the Teclast SD card slot for example have been well documented on the forums and it appears common through many brands and even Microsoft Surface.
    • Lexar SDXC 128 GB 90+ ms write speed, exFat
    • Samsung SDXC Elite Pro 128gb, about 100ms write speed, exFat
    • Sandrisk SDHC 32gb, not sure about speed, exFat

    None of these SD Cards is reliable even with the Windows 8.1 Intel SD card driver. With Win 10 driver the cards doesn’t work at all. Apparently smaller sizes of SD cards work more reliably if formatted as FAT32. This format doesn’t help for me, it has 4GB limitation.

    Chris G
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    Try the Chuwi Hi10 Pro or Hi10 Plus? Both 10-inches I used a Samsung 128GB Pro MicroSD in them without any issues. I think it was NTFS or Exfat, I only used the MicroSD in Windows 10 however.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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