Never order from Gearbest! My experience with Hi8 Pro…

Never order from Gearbest! My experience with Hi8 Pro…

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    Just a feedback for future buyers to warn about this website:

    I pre-ordered a Chuwi Hi8 Pro on this website for 95$ in Octobre 2015, for the tablet supposedly shipping on the 20th November. On this date, they took the money from my Paypal account.

    Early december, I contacted them as I saw a new pre-ordering batch for the 15th december, and my order was still not shipped. They told me they were out of stock, and I could either wait or get a GB wallet (!) refund. I kindly told them I would be waiting, and this continued until today.

    I saw that the tablet is now apparently in stock on their website (albeit with a price hike, at 117$), and so I kindly asked when I could expect the tablet to be shipped. They replied that they CANCELLED my order and that I will be refunded on my GB wallet crap, when I NEVER asked them to do so!!

    They are a bunch of fraud, they kept my money for 3 month just to never honor the order and not refund me with real money!!!

    Be very careful with this website, I have experience with a lot of chinese shops and never had a situation like this…


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    Politely but firmly tell them to refund in full to your Paypal account within 24 hours or you will escalate to Paypal. Don’t be fobbed off and follow through if necessary. Worked for me yesterday. My learning is  a) if possible do not pre-order and check stock is available before ordering. b) act quickly if something is not right c) don’t be fobbed off as apparently they will say or do anything to try and keep you from your money. I believe that basically it’s a jungle out there and GearBest (and some other chinese sellers), pay lip service to customer service but in reality do not really care.  Good Luck.


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    After opened a Paypal dispute, I was refunded properly, though it was not what I was asking. They held my money for 3 months over a preordering bullshit, just to cancel it when they feel it because I did not paid enough for them?

    Like hell they’ll see my money again, there is plenty of better shops outer there, I wished I placed my order somewhere else at the time.


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    That’s why you should never pre-order.

    Reason one is indeed that after 45 days, there is no posibility to ask paypal for a dispute. And reason 2: the first batch of a new tablet is usually always filled with problems, so always wait for the second or third batch! 🙂


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    So they tried the same thing with me a couple weeks ago, but I told them DO NOT CANCEL, as I had never authorized them to cancel.  They immediately reinstated my order, and today I received a tracking number.  To be honest, I would never order from them again since this took a long time to get anything, and they basically either suck a communication or just lied often to keep me from cancelling my order.  I placed the order on November 6th… so as you can see this was a terrible experience.  Obviously, with all the issues it’s not all Gearbest’s fault, but they handled it very poorly.  I also ordered the Hi10 through them and got it in the beginning if this month… that also took way too long.  It’s a crapshoot with these sellers, but I’d say that Banggood gave me a much better impression.

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