New Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Matt Black version)

New Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Matt Black version)

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    This is aimed at Chris.  I just received my new Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Matt Black version) this morning from DHL. I have been comparing it side by side with my 6 month old Xiaomi NOTE 4.

    My Mi Max 2 shows a warmer white on the display (creamy colour), whereas my Xiaomi NOTE 4 has a brilliant white.

    I far prefer the brilliant white of my Note 4. Do you know if there is any way of changing the way white is displayed on the Mi Max 2 ? I don’t want to root the device. I wonder why two devices from the same manufacturer have a different shade of white – perhaps different MIUI build ? Have you noticed a warm white on your Xiaomi Mi Max 2 ?



    Chris G
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    I’ve noticed this too. Not at first in my unboxing video. But for some reason, the display is a warm white and I too, prefer the cooler white of my white version. No way to fix it, I might just end up using my white one after all as the display is better!

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    Benjamin P
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    Wasn’t there an option to change that on the display settings in MIUI ? I remember seeing different white tones in there.

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    Yes, I stumbled on it last night – settings>display>contrast and colour. There is a slider that adjusts from warm to cool tones. I moved my slider right the way over to freezing cold. It has improved, however, it is still not quite as brilliant white as my Xiaomi Note 4. If you looked at my Mi Max 2 on it’s own, with the setting all the way over to cold, it would look quite acceptable and not noticeable. However, if I put a Note 4 right next to it, I can still see a small difference

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